On top of snippets…

…of some of my radio appearances, this page proudly presents the worst investment of my life – my voiceover showreel. I spent handsomely on a proper recording session with technicians and all. However, despite my best efforts no voiceover agent is even remotely interested as apparently all German accents are done by a man called Erich Redmann.

There was that one time when I was directly asked by the customer (German Christmas Market in Brighton) to voiceover their spots for Southern FM. During the recording session the producer criticised me for sounding like a Londoner and demanded me to sound more German.

Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus

Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus
2011 marked the 40th anniversary of one of Monty Python’s least known television adventures, two specials they made exclusively for German television.
Roll up, it’s Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus! This is the extraordinary tale of when the Pythons went Bavarian.
At the risk of sounding ungracious, meeting Michael Palin and Terry Jones was great but my personal highlight was sitting round the coffee table with Alfred Biolek.

The Wall In The Head

October 3rd 2015 did mark twenty five years of reunification between East and West Germany. By the time this happened, two opposing political systems had been in existence for nearly forty-five years.

The physical wall no longer exists but a generation later do Germans still speak of the “Mauer im Kopf”, or “Wall in the Head”; a catchphrase that refers to the invisible cultural and mental divide between Easterners and Westerners? This is a superb programme!

Erich Honecker’s Rock N’ Roll Years

Erich Honecker's Rock N' Roll Years
An investigation into ‘Ostrock’ – the rock and pop music in the old East Germany.
Being ignorant and from the old West Germany the whole scene was entirely unknown to me.
In this documentary I talk to Ostrock musicians and fans and uncover a story that involves the Stasi, disappearing musicians, lyrics with hidden meanings and music that was ‘Western’ in all but name.

Henning Knows Best

Henning Knows BestIn this six part BBC Radio 2 series I take a look at various aspects of British life.
Please enjoy the interviews I did with the studio guests.
And Otto Kuhnle‘s very catchy theme tune.
“Henning Knows Best – Theme Tune By Otto Kuhnle

1 – Class. Interview with Peter York
2 – Politics. Interview with Stuart Drummond
3 – Shopping. Interview with Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen
4 – Humour. Interview with Andy Hamilton
5 – Languages. Interview with Henry Hitchings
6 – Sport. Interview with Graham Taylor

The Unbelievable Truth

BBC Radio 4’s The Unbelievable Truth is hosted by David Mitchell.
And just like all other 83 TV/radio formats he’s hosting, it’s great.
If you enjoy my lectures extend your appreciation to Liam Mullone, who I roped into co-writing them.

The Unbelievable Truth

10th October 2016 – (with Holly Walsh, Rich Hall & Lloyd Langford)
4th April 2016 – (with Jon Richardson, Susan Calman & Jack Dee)
19th January 2015 – (with Ed Byrne, Holly Walsh & Richard Osman)
5th January 2015 – (with Ed Byrne, Holly Walsh & Richard Osman)
3rd February 2014 – (with Jeremy Hardy, Graeme Garden & Victoria Coren Mitchell)
13th January 2014 – (with Victoria Coren Mitchell, Graeme Garden & Jeremy Hardy)
30th December 2013 – (with Arthur Smith, Bridget Christie & Ed Byrne)
8th March 2013 – (with Lloyd Langford, Katherine Ryan & Graeme Garden)
7th January 2013 – (with Lloyd Langford, Celia Pacquola & Rhod Gilbert)
30th April 2012 – (with John Finnemore, Danielle Ward, & Tom Wrigglesworth)
9 April 2012 – (with John Finnemore, Danielle Ward, & Tom Wrigglesworth)
23rd Jan 2012 – (with Mark Watson, Alex Horne, Roisin Conaty)
3rd Jan 2012 – (with Ed Byrne, Mark Watson & Phill Jupitus)
2nd May 2011 – (with Sue Perkins, Clive Anderson & Graeme Garden)
11th April 2011 – (with Sue Perkins, Clive Anderson & Graeme Garden)
25th October 2010 – (with Tony Hawks, Arthur Smith & Graeme Garden)
4th October 2010 – (with Tony Hawks, Arthur Smith & Graeme Garden)
19th April 2010 – (with Lucy Porter, Marcus Brigstocke & Graeme Garden)
10th March 2010 – (with Lucy Porter, Marcus Brigstocke & Graeme Garden)
9th Nov 2009 – (with Clive Anderson, Dom Joly & Fi Glover)
9th Oct 2009 – (with Clive Anderson, Dom Joly & Fi Glover)

The Now Show

Several appearances on this stalwart of Radio 4 entertainment.

August 2012
November 2011
December 2010
July 2010
May 2010

The News Quiz

Just the one appearance on this stalwart of Radio 4 entertainment.
January 2011

Never Write off The Germans

Christian O’Connell hosts a panel show devoted to the FIFA World Cup, in which resident home team Jon Richardson & Andy Parsons challenge a different away team every week. This week’s opponents are Jason Byrne & me.


David Baddiel, Matt Lucas, Jon Culshaw and I consider the accepted wisdom that Germans have no sense of humour.
There’s only a little bit of holocaust denial.

Act Your Age

Rufus Hound and I are having a laugh with Ted Robbins and Billy Pearce. For some reason there’s also two kids on.
April 2011

Out To Lunch

My Saturday Surgery on BBC2’s Out to Lunch was open for 18 shows.
I have only uploaded one week’s output. The other 17 were identical. Just with ever so slightly different words.

Laughing In All The Right Places

Jo Caulfield talks comedy & stereotypes with me.

BBC Comedy Club

Being interviewed by Arthur Smith at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.


When I said at the top of this page that my showreel was a right waste of money, that’s not entirely true. It earned me the opportunity to promote the German Christmas Market in Brighton. Please listen.


Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk

Being on BBC 5Live’s Fighting Talk is always fun. All this mingling with British equivalents of Dirk Hupe, Fritz Fischer or Marina Kielmann….great! Please find below episodes I have been on. I will try to edit a best-of but with my IT skills you’re in for a long wait.

26th October 2013 | 21st September 2013
20th April 2013 | 10th November 2012 | 29th September 2012
19th November 2011 | 21st May 2011 | 11th September 2010

17th April 2010 | 13th February 2010 | 21st November 2009
16th May 2009 | 7th February 2009 | 22nd November 2008
25th October 2008 | 7th June 2008 | 15th March 2008
25th December 2007 | 27th September 2007 | 3rd June 2006