This Bulletin is from August 2nd, 2007

August 2007

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. I even had to send my niece a set of Harry Potter stamps for her birthday. Has everybody lost their marbles? People shouldn’t read this made-up magic nonsense. They should rather read stories that are grounded in reality, such as the Bible.

Unfortunately, I have to catch the afternoon train to Edinburgh and can’t spend the required time on this monthly bulletin. Sorry!

If you happen to be at the festival I am happy to tell you in person about my day at Lords Cricket Ground, what I make of the row about Tintin, what the Conservative Party and my father have in common, and how I found out that following a key-note speech is a lot more difficult than following a really good comedian.

A Beginner’s Guide to German Humour – Teutonic jolliness at its best with German television entertainer Otto Kuhnle. (every day from August 3-26)

Wilty and Wehn – an experimental late night show with Falklands veteran and comedian Nick Wilty. (Thu/Fri/Sat only from August 4-25)

Auf Wiedersehen – have a great month

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