This Bulletin is from November 1st, 2008


Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Problems, problems, problems.

Sending the November bulletin in mid-October so it coincided with Otto and my run at Questors Theatre (thank you to everyone who came along) left me with a severe administrative headache.

Having filed the bulletin in question on my website as ‘November 2008′ I didn’t know what to call the piece of junk you’re reading just now.

Following a lengthy thought-process I’ve made an executive decision of dare-devilish straightforwardness not publicly displayed since rebranding the old Fourth Division as League Two.


Having been so busy thinking about the name I didn’t have time to build an informed opinion on the actual election itself. In best journalistic tradition this doesn’t stop me from taking a position and vigorously arguing it.

Here it goes: Barack Obama must become next President of United States.

Not primarily because he seems more competent and less vicious than McCain but as a message to all the layabouts in the Western world. It’s not the government’s or society’s fault if you don’t succeed in life.

If a black chap, second name Hussein, who was brought up by a single mum first and his grandparents thereafter, can become President of the United States than there are opportunities beyond petty crime and dole money for everyone who isn’t afraid of hard work and getting up before midday.

Closer to home I am facing a moral conundrum about an upcoming hernia operation at NHS Whittington.

It is the same procedure I underwent years ago at Universitätsklinik Münster, who did such a bad job that the hernia has returned.

Do I for patriotic reasons have to hope that their British counterparts will do an even worse job or should a swift return to full health be my main priority?

Problerms, problems, problems.

Have a great month!

Auf Wiedersehen


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